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Susan Rozler… a biography born oct 15th 1954


Susan Ann Meiler, Skinner, Rozler  (Aka mama earth) is a multi-tasker.

     Since childhood her passions are Music, Nature, Gardening, Eating, World Traveling, acting, and making people laugh. Oh..and Mothering !

Her experience singing songs and playing guitar, bass, harmonica and world percussion as a solo artist spans may decades. She’s worked as a producer( 2 original cd’s) , voice talent (Radio and TV), Band Leader (Sid Winkler Band, Mama Earths Kitchen Band, Blueooze Band, Susan Rozler Band) and in childrens theatre and as an edu-performer in Schools, Museums, Opera houses, Art Galleries, Libraries, Zoo’s and Festival Performances (in Mama Earths Kitchen Band,also same @gmail,@u-tube@myspace,

w/The Hill Brothers, and McClure Productions.

Her performances are of a musical comedy family nature with an educational message.

   Vocally and musically she can cover just about anything, from “been a long time since I rocked and rolled” to an operetta from the Sound of Music. Blues to Reggae, Rap, Folk, Country, whatever.

   Her goals are to use music to encourage as many people (big and little) To give back their yard through planting indigenous shrubs and flowers, discouraging toxic chemical use, Creating healthy water sources, growing healthy foods to eat, planting trees and saving dead ones for habitat, exploring Nature (fossil hunting, birdwatching, creek walking, taking good care of pets, and composting using yard waste and used kitchen food. Basically trying to co-exist rather then pave over.

   Her shows are interactive in nature and she loves to bring instruments from all over the world (as well as home made recycled ones) And to give the audience a chance to play (and sing) in the band.

    Her motto is “ The Earth is our Kitchen! We should keep it clean so all of its creatures can stay and in the future.

    Hence the character Mama Earth (Yes she’s a mom and grandma)

Yes she’s an avid Gardener and her mama earths kitchen gardens are a slice of heaven on earth. She practices what she preaches and knows what she shares. Yes she is an accomplished change your world musician with a degree in musical education from the school of Rock.



Mama Earths Kitchen Band Show with Susan Rozler and full band